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Spiritual Alchemy: God Man the Word Made Flesh Outline

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

God Man The Word Made Flesh

By George W. Carey and Inez Eudora Perry

Published in 1920

Book Notes, Outline by Leah Mary Quirk, Soul Natural Alchemy

‘The Bible reinterpreted and explained as

a physiological process of The Christ in the body.’

Pineal Gland

Mars-Uranus correspondence

Bible: Joseph, The Father, Most High, Mount Penial- where Jacob wrestled with the Angel of the Lord, the crystalline dew from Heaven, the Pinnacle of the Temple

Optic Eye, All Seeing Eye, Electric

“Gives Light to the Whole House”

Secretes golden fluid, Bible- ‘the Honey’

Side of the thalamus, inside made of closed follicles surrounded by ingrowths of connective tissues follicles filled with epithermal cells mixed with calcareous matter (lime), the ‘brain sand’ (acervulus cerebri), also found on the pineal stalk and choroid plexus, becomes hard like rock when brain sand, the saved seed is furnished

Jesus returns to the Father after work is done and lays it in his rock tomb ‘where no man has ever laid before’

With no material returned to brain, pineal body becomes flabby and pasty

Pituitary Gland

Mars-Neptune correspondence

Bible: Mary, the Mother of the Holy Child, Universal Esse, pure sea or water

White-ish secretion, Bible- ‘The Milk’

Secretes mucus or phlegm, jelly-like material, saline and alkaline, large percent is sodium chloride, stimulates growth of connective tissue and essential for sexual development

Spinal fluid comes from pia mater in cerebrum

Pia- Latin for tender mother, Pia Mater- pure water, Virgin Mary

Pineal and Pituitary/Joseph and Mary

Fluids comes from same source, the Claustrum-means barrier or cloister, separates into each gland

Santa or Saint Clause- term for precious fluid, Holy Gift of the body

Bible- children of Israel promised to return to a land flowing of milk and honey


Egyptian beetle, egg shaped, ‘horns’ of the lateral ventricle, scarabaeus of Egypt- egg of immortality, light of the world, chamber of the Holy of Hollies

Pineal and pituitary located on sides, sensory relay station

Center eye, lamp or lamb, the ‘Chamber,’ Aries planet

‘If they eye be single, the whole body will be full of Light’

Outer eyes see only reflection, vibrations from inner eye, optic, conveyed along optic nerves and produced one ether

Tree of Life

Cerebrum and chord constituent, cerebra-spinal system

Sanskrit- ‘Its root in Heaven and branches in the Earth’

Pneumogastric Nerve

4th Ventricle of the head, connected to the cerebellum, crosses spinal chord (Jordan) at base of Skull Golgotha, sends branches to throat, heart, lungs, stomach (second brain) or solar plexus, channel for Holy Ghost/Breath


Fish, first born seed at age 12

Germ of life, psycho-physical germ-cell, chemically perfect, highly refined, purified body

‘Who can bring a clean thing out of unclean? No one.’


Greek word for oil

Oil flows down spinal chord from upper brain creates human form of corruptible flesh. When oil is refined, transmuted, lifted, raised up, it regenerates the body and overcomes the last enemy- Death

Jordan (Bible)

Hebrew for descender or ‘River of God’

‘Strait and Narrow Way,’ leads to the Father, Most High, upper brain


Means ‘Heel catcher,’ hence circle, zodiac wheel, Jacobs ladder- 12 zodiac signs

UNIverse- One Verse

Head of Man

Adam-Man – Taurus, The House, Animal Brian

God-Man – Aries, The Temple, God Brain

‘If a man cannot rule his own house, how can he not care of the church (temple) of God’


Sacral region, near base of spine

There is a gland into which a small amount of oil is secreted from blood, not much known by physiologists of purpose of secretions

Elderly men become seat of disease, proctitis or young men with bad habits, secretion becomes filthy, may contain pus

Highest and purest condition as fixed oil- colorless, odorless, tasteless, the ‘Chrism’- the verb to oil

When oil is purified or secreted here, makes way up through the capillaries of blood, passes over the body, becomes constituent of blood, ‘The Blood of Christ’


To add or increase by a thousand fold, electrical wires are crossed

The Christ seed crosses nerve at base of Skull Golgotha, the generative cells of the body are quickened and regenerated

Gives power to vibrate the pineal gland at rate causes ‘light of the chamber’ to fill ‘whole body with light’ and sends its vibration out along the optic nerve to the physical eye and thus heal the blind (wake up to Truth)

First seed (Jesus) born at age 12, puberty

Seed formed every 29 ½ days (full moon cycle). Individually, when full moon is in person’s sun sign.

Moon takes 3 days to transit, 3 days Christ to rise

When full moon is in your sun sign a Christ seed is born within you. Eat clean or fast, do not indulge in sin (ignorance), sex or alcohol. Save the seed and return it to The Father (the thalamus) to secrete the milk and honey (pineal and pituitary glands) which increase a vibration by a thousand-fold (crucify), to be transmuted through the body and receive the healing of ‘Christ.’ This is the true baptism or anointment of the Chrism, it is the heavenly dew from above.

When oil is crucified, it remains 2 ½ days (moons period in a sign) in the tomb (cerebellum) and on the third day ascends to the pineal gland that connected cerebellum with optic thalamus, central eye in Throne of God, substance is precipitated ‘Breath of Life’ breathed into man, the ‘Holy Ghost’

Monthly seed born in solar plexus taken up by nerves or branches, pneumo-gastric nerve, becomes ‘Fruit of the Tree of Life’ or ‘Tree of Good and Evil,’ Good is ‘Saved,’ ‘cast upon waters,’ circulation to reach pineal gland

Joseph and Mary (mother and father, pineal and pituitary), material substance enters the solar plexus (Bethlehem, the Manger) combined with the Holy Breath (Holy Ghost), descending from the pneumo-gastric nerve where Jesus (the fish, the seed) is conceived

Evil, if eaten and consumed by sexual expression and alcoholic drinks (ferments the seed)


Scheme of salvation

Started with Constantine- Pagan Roman emperor, murdered wife and mother who held original documents of the Essenes, was told by priests no forgiveness for his crime except long series of incarnations

Planned to cheat Cosmic Law, fought over writings of primitive Christians, who clothed the wonders of the human body in oriental imagery

Council of Nicaea, dominated by Constantine, voted symbols of the human body were people, then all who believed the story could be saved and forgiven


To fall short of completeness, understanding or wisdom

Retards or prevents automatic action of seed, which is to lift up a portion (one tenth) of life essence (oil, secretion) that constantly flows down spinal cord (strait and narrow) and transmutes it, increasing power, until Ego dissolves it

Sin- comes from ‘Schin,’ 21st letter in Hebrew Alphabet, purification by Fire

Ancient Hebrews called moon, sin, for it gave light only part of the time

The wages of Sin (ignorance) is death. When judgement is put on the body through ignorance of making poor food choices, negative thinking and acting purely from the Ego, not from the heart, this sickens the body which eventually leads to death.


‘The magistrate of the Justice of God (Karma), the beareth the balance and the sword’

Hades, Limbo of Illusion, ‘Globe Earth,’ ‘The Angel of the Manifested Worlds’

Satan is God of our planet, ‘Only God’ without any metaphorical illusion to its wickedness and depravity, ‘Angel of Matter’

Cosmic reflection of God


Lower portion of the body and the bowels, ‘The Lake of Hell Fire and Brimstone’

Sulphur is a biproduct of brimstone, overeating results in oversupply of Sulphur and causes acidity, acid uniting with Sulphur causes heat, fire-hell

Vital force, fluids of the body and soul destroyed in poisons of the intestinal tract called Egypt and Sodom

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