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I am a very intuitive healer, natural born shaman that through darkness has found my light. I have struggled with physical and mental health issues since I was a child. I never received the proper care or treatment, always misdiagnosed. The majority of my youth was spent in and out of doctors, mental health institutions and drug rehabilitation centers. Addiction was the only way I knew to cope with everything I was experiencing. I felt as though I was literally dying inside and my body hated me. I would be screaming inside suffering through so much pain, and it was as if nobody could hear me. I always felt very alone in my experiences that no matter how much I explained my symptoms either nobody believed me or was able to help me. I would have to sit and wait out immense pain to pass in my body or irrational psychotic episodes I had no control over. I had to learn to develop a lot of perseverance in my life.

Doctors would write me off with a diagnosis and medication to get through their day. They would prescribe me extensive drugs like steroids, immune-suppressants and psychiatric drugs that continued to destroy my liver, immune system, hormones and break down my body more at a young age. Today I can pinpoint many causes such as living near an industry plant, mold, parasites, heavy metals in the water and other environmental pollutions that had me debilitated as a child. I think wow if we looked more into what was causing my problems, I could have received the right help. Many times, I was written off for having anxiety when I was having severe, scary reactions to pharmaceuticals the doctors prescribed me. There is nothing worse than going to a hospital for help and you are taken as a joke treated poorly to then be sent home to suffer through it. There was a major toll being taken on my body from all the treatments, psychiatric drugs, environmental pollution, and street drugs I used to cope throughout my pain. I was diagnosed Bipolar, every Auto-Immune Disorder (Lyme’s Disease, Hashimoto’s, Graves), became severely allergic to everything, developed Hepatitis of the liver, and had insane hormonal issues (PMDD, menstrual psychosis) that I had my entire reproductive system removed (hysterectomy/oophorectomy.) After my surgery more issues developed such as MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), Electrical and Radiation sensitivity and Epilepsy. I spent years bedridden in pain over issues nobody believed in. My brain would swell and have aneurisms coming near a person with cologne on. It is a miracle today that I am alive.

After exhausting everything I could in Western medicine, it hit me one day that the world is much bigger than what I know. I knew there had to be other ways of healing out there. After experiencing six months of insomnia, I was ready to end my life. I then had a terrifying experience of sleep paralysis; this was my ultimate bottom. I saw what I was giving my energy to as a demonic being I developed within myself. At that moment everything became real, my thoughts, my emotions, the energy I put out and took on. I could not let this energy win. I was ready and willing to do anything to get better with a new understanding that nobody is responsible for me but me. The doctors, my parents, friends are not here to solve my issues, I am.

I started doing researching and exploring natural ways of healing. I read a book called ‘Clean’ and started connecting the dots on how toxic our world is. The more I switched to a natural lifestyle the more aware I became and spiritual. I started connecting more to the Earth and that everything we need to heal has already been gifted to us. I was carrying so much unprocessed emotions and trauma in my body I had to finish processing. I saw a healer every week for reiki treatments over a year, it was very intense. When I came across Ayurveda, I thought wow this really embodies how I see everything today and health. I went to school to become a practitioner and was blessed to have an internship working with herbs. I started detoxifying my body which has been a seven year process to restore my health better than it ever was a before. I have put more work into myself than anyone I know, and I have learned so much along the way. I see myself today as my greatest experiment trying out alternative healing methods and dedicating my entire life to this knowledge and experience. Toady I am an entire library of information and practices that I have tried for myself. I am extremely passionate today about health, wellness and restoring the body, mind and Spirit.

I dove deeper into myself to understand who I am as a Divine Being. I never understood younger why I felt so much more than other people and quite frankly, I had no clue how to handle it back then. I understand today my sensitivities are not limited to a health issue, it’s who I am; it is my gift of awareness and psychic ability. This gift allows me to feel energy physically and have a direct knowing of its effects and where it’s coming from. I’ve used this as a tool to navigate my life which has taught me so much and allowed me to become reborn again through the practice of purity. Now I can use my gift to help others uncover what is causing their issues and the ability to retract emotional blockages in their body.

If it wasn’t for experiencing sickness, abandonment by the medical system and the amount of emotional trauma I had, I would have never sought to learn all I have today. I understand today our struggles are necessary for growth, where our pain becomes our Higher Purpose. Today it all makes sense, everything I had to go through and that it was all part of my path. Now I can help others who are on a similar journey and are going through what I have. We are the Creators here and have much more power than we realize. Everything we are creating through the law of attraction and is essentially designed to show us where we are creating resistance in our lives. Life does not have to be a struggle unless you believe it to be. The door is wide open all the time, we just can’t always see it. It is our minds that tell us it is closed yet if we have the power to create that thought we have the power to change it.

I ask you to be kind and patient with yourself. I must remind myself of this at times. It takes courage to face yourself and acknowledge your truth, it's not always pretty. True health is a lifestyle, it is dedication and time. Our body holds onto everything, every emotion, feeling, thought we suppress the same as with undigested food and toxins we put into ourselves. This damages our cells and creates disfunction in the body. ALL must be processed and allowed to move through. Healing takes time and there is no end result. We just get better at handling situations and learn to teach others along the way. Life can just be an experience. I promise every experience will teach you more about yourself. You are the one creating them. 

Owner and Practitioner
of Soul Natural Alchemy

Leah Mary Quirk

Certified Reiki Level I & II  2019,

Reiki II 2022

Certified Ayurveda Practitioner YogaVeda Institute, Graduated 2023

Certified Marma Therapy 2019

Certified Ayurvedic Pulse Analysis 2019

Certified Supporting Member of AAPNA 2020

Internship with Marek Sawicki of LIving Alchemy on Ayurveda Herbs & Formulations 2020

Certification Attendance AAPNA Global Conference Auto-Immune Disorders 2019

Featured Speaker at the AAPNA Global Ayurveda Conference 2021 on Gluten Sensitivity

Featured Speaker at AAPNA Global Ayurveda Conference 2024 on Parasitic Diseases

Lecture on Ayurveda & Your Health at Northampton Community College 2024

Lecture on The Root Cause of Dis-ease at the MUM Spiritual Holistic Expo 2024

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