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About Me

I am a very intuitive healer that through darkness has found light. I have always been highly sensitive and never understood it. I spent the majority of my life feeling isolated and trying to numb emotions. I understand today, I have always been empathic and had special gifts, I did not understand it then or how to navigate it. I suppressed so much trauma and pain through isolation, addiction and conditioning my happiness to others. My main goal in life was not to feel. I had a sick body, mind and spirit that manifested into many chronic health issues. I did not take care of mysel and made poor choices lacking the awareness of karmic value, which is simply cause and effect. I spent the majority of my life seeing doctors, the constant trying of medications, in treatment facilities and never received the right help which projected me further into a stay of deterioation. No doctors were ever able to explain my health conditions and tended to isolate the problems, lacking a 'whole-istic' approach.I exhausted all I could in Western medicine and got tired of feeling at a brick wall. So many doctors have even told me you just have to live with it and there's nothing I could do, they also discouraged and criticized natural solutions that were far more safe than the medications they were prescribing me. I developed PTSD from my relationship with doctors, times I was so desperate for health and was shut down, told my truth was wrong. From all the damage of my lifestyle, medical treatments and pharmaceuticals, my body was so burdened that I became allergic to pretty much everything. I feared I would live in a literal bubble. I spent two years in a bed barely even leaving my home, feeling entirely hopeless. I came to a place where I had to realize nobody else is responsible for me but me and I was going to find the answers for myself. I thought the world is so much bigger than what we know and are conditioned to. This sparked my journey into healing. I was willing to do everything in my power to change my life. It was a life or death decision for me to start making changes because I could no longer accept the way I was living. I started bringing in more self awareness to my choices and everything I was putting into my body. The more I dove into a clean, natural lifestyle, the more actually spiritual I became. I became 'conscious.' I started seeing an energy worker every week as I would a therapist to start working through all my trauma and false belief systems which relates to why I never felt good enough to do better for myself in the first place. 

Today I acknowledge that our struggles are necessary for growth. I allowed my pain to become my higher purpose. I realized all I needed was my intuition which is the power of God to guide me.mWhen we take care of ourselves, it is an act of self love. I am now standing strong utilizing my empathic gifts to help others release the pain body and gain more awareness into self. I want to empower others to be their own self advocates, peel back the layers to their divine truth and move beyond self-limiting belief patterns. If only we could view every challenge as an initiation to get closer to God. Everything we are creating through the law of attraction and is essentially designed to show us where we are creating resistance in our lives. Life does not have to be a struggle unless you believe it to be. The door is wide open all the time, we just can’t see it. It is our minds that tell us it is closed yet if we have the power to create that thought we have the power to change it.


I ask you to be kind and patient with yourself. I have to remind myself this at times. It takes courage to face yourself and acknowledge your truth, it's not always pretty. True health is a lifestyle, it is dedication and time. You have to consider how long you had the issue, how long it could take to heal. Our body holds onto everything, every emotion, feeling, thought we suppress. This damages our cells and creates disfunction in the body. This is why reiki is so powerful to help release cellular memory. We must feel everything we did not allow ourselves to feel in the past. This can be a process but we can let it go and be free. It is possible and I am living proof. Healing takes time and there is no end result. We just get better at handling the situations and learn to not attach. It can just be an experience. I promise every experience will teach you more about yourself. You are the one creating them. 


Certified Reiki Level I & II  2019,

Reiki II 2022

Certified Ayurveda Practitioner YogaVeda Institute, Graduated 2023

Certified Marma Therapy 2019

Certification Attendance AAPNA Global Conference Auto-Immune Disorders 2019

Certified Ayurvedic Pulse Analysis 2019

Certified Supporting Member of AAPNA 2020

Internship with Marek Sawicki of LIving Alchemy on Ayurveda Herbs & Formulations 2020

Speaker at the AAPNA Gut Health Conference 2021 on Gluten Sensitivity

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