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Who Are You?

We are all our own unique manifestation of elements, chemistry, qualities and energies. I like to view us all as a ratio of these components. It's very challenging to treat ourselves without first understanding our own constitution. This provides us the knowledge and tools on how to create balance and harmony into our life. In order to be whole, we must align ourselves with our natural state of being as we were brought into this world. Throughout our lifetime this shifts due to environment, diet and lifestyle. We must find our way back to our divine imprint, which essentially is finding our way back to God. 

Every one of us here has a path to walk. We all want to find purpose and for most of us, our purpose derives from our pain and struggle. What are you here to experience, learn, accomplish and heal? I incorporate the two concepts of Ayurveda and Astrology to determine your constitution and reveal your soul's path. This is the true alchemy of which the soul seeks. 

'Your only responsibility in life is your state of Consciousness.' 

I believe the path to God defined as 'Infinite Intelligence' is a path devoted to the totality of consciousness. This starts with living a pure, clean lifestyle, being conscious of all things such as what am I eating, putting into and on my body? Conscious of our thoughts, emotions, false belief systems and our external world being a reflection of our internal complex. If the Universe is a composition of math and frequencies, how can one attune themselves to Infinite Intelligence clouded in a field of radiation from our smart phones and technology, unprocessed emotions, undigested food and toxins in the body? The path of opening the third eye is a path of Divine Truth. Truth is not an external concept, it is internal and the more you work to acknowledge your inner truth, the more the external world will reveal to you. This is the key to 'Gnosis,' a state of Knowing. We are de-evolving as a species being reliant on 'Artificial Intelligence' the opposition of God. Everything we need to know is already engrained inside of us, it is time we trust the intelligence already within us.

Ayurveda: Elements & Qualities

Ayurveda translates to "The Science of Life." It a holistic health and healing system that originates from India, dating back over 3,000 years. Ayurveda is curative and preventative care. Ayurveda identifies us by a system of three doshas that each correspond with the five elements and 22 qualities. Understanding this helps us to determine what the body requires to be in line with it's true nature. It is a system of energetics where we can utilize herbs, diet and lifestyle choices to help us achieve that balance. 

The Zodiac: Chemistry & Energies

It is just as important to be able to assess people by looking at their astrological makeup. You are essentially a map of the stars which have gifted you many attributes and the energetic makeup to reach your soul's desired purpose. The zodiac relates to the electricity and biochemistry of your body. Just as you need to balance the elements, the energies must be as well. 

The Energetic Body

Suffering is inevitable in life yet it can also be our greatest gift. It is an opportunity to grow, rise above with a higher awareness and understanding. Nobody learned anything without first experiencing the opposition. We have to dig deep within ourselves, peeling back the layers to our divine truth to uncover why we fail to make better choices for our well being. Many of us are working around limiting, false belief systems, stored in our subconscious. Reiki healing helps to find where these blockages are in the body to bring them to the surface to be fully processed and released. Every moment in every day, is a practice of trust and surrender. 

The Physical Body

Our world has become very toxic. We fail to recognize this since everything is more fast paced and easy, yet these shortcuts have consequences. Most Americans are walking around full of rotted food, feces, bacteria and parasites. Many people don't even consider that the food they eat has an effect on their health. People are drinking, eating, wearing, inhaling incredibly harmful toxins every day. Humans are living in constant radiation exposure as much as a running microwave, keep our body in a stress response, unable to regenerate new cells and in a constant state of decay. The body cannot heal with all these factors and is a state prone to disease. This will also translate to an unclear mind. It's as if we don't know what it means to be human today, to be 'pure' and able to resonate on a higher realm of frequencies within Divine Intelligence.

Become an Initiate of the Flame

For those who are dedicated to the path of Enlightenment, for the path is strait and narrow but few will find it. For those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear. For the ones that wish to find the Kingdom of Heaven within. For those who are willing to lift the veil of the subconscious and be reborn again. For those who view every struggle as an initiation to getting closer to God. To transmute all energy and center it within and without the Sacred Heart. 


Fire is a destroyer and creator.

For what is destroyed allows the space to create a new. The fire essence is a creative force fueled with passion and determination. We go in head first like the Ram destructing all obstacles in our path. We start by confronting and destructing old habits and belief systems that no long serve our highest good. 


Water collects, absorbs and unites as One.

The water essence connects us to our intuition and Spirit. We dive deep into our subsconcious to release all negative and suppressed emotions. Since our body is primarily made of water, we work to purify and harmonize our cells to one frequency. As the Pisces fish, we ressurect ourselves from the depths of the ocean, surfacing for a new breath of life.


Earth is a builder, grounded and stable.

The Earth essence builds concrete values, stability and connects us to nature. We understand we are already blessed with abundance in nature, consisting of everything we need to have material wealth. Like the Bull, we do not let anything knock us over and stand strong in our endurances while moving forward with grace and ease.


Air is mobile, adaptive and embodies change.

The Air essence takes actions toward our well being. We go with the wind, trusting where it will take us. We learn to adapt to change. We use the science of 'The Word' to manifest our reality, positivity and gratitude into our lives. As the twins of Gemini, we learn to cultivate balance between our duality.

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