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Who Are You?

We are all our own unique manifestation of elements, chemistry, qualities and energies. I like to view us all as a ratio of these components. It's very challenging to treat ourselves without first understanding our own constitution. This provides us the knowledge and tools on how to create balance and harmony into our life.. In order to be whole, we must align ourselvse with our natural state of being as we were brought into this world. Which through our lifetime shifts due to our environment, diet and lifestyle choices. We must find our way back to our divine imprint, which essentially is finding our way back to God. 

Every one of us here has a path to walk that we already signed on for. We all want to find purpose and for most of us, our purpose derives from our pain and struggle. What are you here to experience, learn, accomplish and heal? I incorporate the two concepts of Ayurveda and Astrology to determine your constitution and reveal your soul's path. The body cannot properly function without all these  properties being in perfect working order. This is the true alchemy of which the soul seeks. To be in alignment and working harmonously at a higher rate of vibration that allows the body to heal on its own.

Ayurveda: Elements & Qualities

Ayurveda translates to "The Science of Life." It a holistic health and healing system that originates from India, dating back over 3,000 years. Ayurveda is curative and preventative care. Ayurveda identifies us by a system of three doshas that each correspond with the five elements and 22 qualities. Understanding this helps us to determine what the body requires to be in line with it's true nature. It is a system of energetics where we can utilize herbs, diet and lifestyle choices to help us achieve that balance. 

The Zodiac: Chemistry & Energies

It is just as important to be able to assess people by looking at their astrological makeup. You are essentially a map of the stars which have gifted you many attributes and the energetic makeup to reach your soul's desired purpose. The zodiac relates to the electricity and biochemistry of your body. Just as you need to balance the elements, the energies must be as well. 

The Energetic Body

Suffering is inevitable in life yet it can also be our greatest gift. It is an opportunity to grow, rise above with a higher awareness and understanding. Nobody learned anything without first experiencing the opposition. We have to dig deep within ourselves, peeling back the layers to our divine truth to uncover why we fail to make better choices for our well being. Many of us are working around limiting, false belief systems, stored in our subconscious. Every moment in every day, is a practice of trust and surrender. A lot in life is out of our control but what is in our control is how we respond to and handle situations, and how we chose to take care of ourselves. Nobody else is responsible for that but you. We live our lives at we accept it to be, it all lies within the mind and the reality you wish to create here. First you must know you are worth it and I can help you to release the patterns that have you believing you are not. I work to find where these blockages are in the body and bring them to the surface to process and transmute. My clairvoyant gifts allow me to see the memories that are creating a sense of spiritual warfare within you. I have been able to connect many of my client's to their truth that have spent their lives searching for answers, they did not know they were asking questions to.

The Physical Body

Our world has become very toxic. We fail to recognize this since everything is more fast paced and easy, yet these shortcuts have consequences. We have to learn to take responsibility for ourselves and look deeper at what we are putting into our bodies. Most of us are drinking, eating, wearing, inhaling, incredibly harmful toxins every day with zero awareness. Then we end up with health problems as if it has manifested out of thin air. Western medicine identifies us with labels that deter us from addressing what is causing the problem. A diagnosis does not provide any understanding yet a name for grouping our symptoms. It is a system based solely on symptom management and it is a failed, one size fits all approach. Pharmaceuticals cause more extensive damage to the body that still do nothing to treat the cause or allow the body to heal. We should choose to be conscious of what we put into our vessel and view it as an act of self love. Toxins in our environment, food and constant radiation exposure keep our body in a stress response, unable to regenerate new cells and be in a constant state of decay and depletion. This keeps ourselves in a lower plane of existence, operating at a lower frequency unable to have a mind open to God.

Techniques & Practices Used

* Ayurveda

* Herbs and Custom Formulations

* Natural Heath Conscious Products

* Nutrition with Proper Digestion

* Pranayama- Breathing Practices

* Mindful & Meditation Practices

* Heavy Metal Detoxification

* Parasite Cleanse

* Natural Detoxification Therapies

* Intuitive Guidance & Coaching

* Astrological Birth Chart Interpretation

* Soul Contract Readings

* Biochemistry/Cell Salts

* Marma Therapy

* Herbal Enemas

* Reiki/Shamanic Energy Work

* SEM Source Energy Medicine

* Psychic/Intuitive Gifts

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