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Sacred Sex and Alchemy

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Sacred Sex and Alchemy

By Leah Mary Quirk, Soul Natural Alchemy

Dogmatic religion tends to deter us from our empathic connection with Mother Earth and the experience of our senses. This includes our sexual power and indulgence in, which is defined to be a sin. Sex is not an act to be taken lightly to be performed out of pure indulgence, it is a craft to carry out which can serve us for a far greater purpose than just pleasure. Many of us engage in sex as a form of release but what if the process is meant to be reversed and there is something to obtain.

Sex is a powerful vibrational exchange of energy and we should be mindful of how much we give and take on, as well as our intentions behind it. We cannot deny our bodies and the parts of which we were given if we are not meant to explore it. That doesn’t mean go into a full carnal mindset and become a hedonist. Your sexual fluids are of a limited source of energy that withhold prana (life force energy) and ojas, which is essential to our health. Ojas is the body’s rejuvenate and immunity factor. It has the same qualities of mother’s milk that is pure and gives us the nourishment needed to grow when we are first born. The more of it you let go, the more you diminish yourself and vitality. Therefor the less you deplete through these acts the more you conserve your health. We must also be aware there is stored intelligence in every molecule of existence, including our sexual fluids. Just as water holds information that can easily take on the information of another molecule becoming one. When we have sex, we are sharing and taking on the intelligence and stored information of our partner. This intelligence can withhold the vibration of a person’s trauma, repressed emotions, illness and the perverse. We must be mindful of are partners since we take on their energy into our own and vice versa. There should be a mutual agreement and bond between partners where one’s intention is not to take or give more to or from the other. It is not about reaching an end goal, the climax, it is about sharing space together in the present. When the energy is mutual, two can become One. The energy should then be harnessed and conserved rather than depleted through orgasm.

Love is the most powerful healing vibration there is. When experienced, this energy can alter the frequencies of our cells to reprogram and bring ourselves to state of healing. Alchemy works to harmonize the left and right hemispheres of the brain, to bring balance between the material and spiritual world, open our third eye more to see it and our crown to the cosmic consciousness, able to receive information from the Infinite and have a deeper, personal relationship with God. If you have ever heard of DMT, the spirit molecule, within the third eye located in the pineal gland is where this is stored. We have the ability to activate these properties, taking a little bit in at time, into our essence. It is the heavenly dew, the anointing of the body which is the Christ.

Sex with love where both parties are fully present can harness an energy when withheld could harmonize the body and mind to a more ecstatic state of being, a higher realm of consciousness. To be present means there is no uprise in thoughts which typically stem from a place of fear such as insecurities. One may also displace their presence in a realm of fantasy, creating thoughts outside of their partner to cultivate a sexual experience. None of this is healthy for either person. The Ego is not present or the one making love, the energy is not being performed through the lower root chakras, it stems from the heart. This higher vibrational energy proceeding from sex is only cultivated from the here and now. No thoughts exist outside of the continuous focus of the experience only gained through the senses. It should be almost trance like to have sex in a state like this and a meditative experience through the sensory organs. It is sex experienced through the physical and ether bodies of both parties. Picture this as your ‘light bodies’ making love, disconnecting from the material attachment of the physical aspect in sex. This is the real act of marriage, it is the union of two becoming one, their bodies, fluids and energy are becoming married together. Visualize two bodies together where the mouths are connected and sexual organs, where you can trace an Infinite loop of energy circulating through the two bodies. The fluids that are received through each other become transmuted in a sense of alchemy, to be raised from the lower chakras of the body to the crown, opening to the Heavens. When this energy is raised up the spine to our pineal and pituitary glands, another secretion will take place here. This is the physical aspect of baptism, these secretions withhold the energy to raise consciousness and crucify the body, which means to increase by a thousand fold. It’s like sparking an electrical current that sends an impulse to your body to reboot itself.

I pray everyone in the world gets to have this experience with someone special in their lives. To get here, we must first do the work on ourselves. This cannot be achieved when the vessel is dirty, sick and not taken care of. The body can be sick with impure thoughts, suppressed emotions and trauma. It will be hard to reach this state where a full ego death must happen when we are stuck in negativity. We must be willing to surrender to the experience which really takes having trust in your partner. This is a very intimate and vulnerable experience. If you are feeling shame, insecure or putting judgement on yourself it will not allow your partner to reach this state either for that is the energy they are going to take on. All these are false belief systems, just thoughts in the mind, not an actual reality. This will limit our minds from being able to expand and keep us out the present. To achieve this with someone is quite beautiful because it is a true act of surrender to each other. It takes a lot to allow the energy to come up since we always want to control the outcome and how we have to have it, especially with sex. You may even start crying releasing a lot of negative energy that was blocked in your body or just due to the actual feeling of unconditional Love, to feel it as you would through the Creator.

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