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Christ Consciousness: Being One with 'The Christ'

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Being One with ‘The Christ’

By Leah Mary Quirk, Soul Natural Alchemy

A lot of people today are waiting upon the second coming of Christ, The Messiah. They have this belief that once the Messiah comes all will be made right in the world. We will be free of government bureaucracy and the bondage in which these materialistic ideals have enslaved us. He will condemn the ones that do wrong and the darkness that covers the Earth. This is a true belief. If these are the expectations of people, it is pure blasphemy. It seems today people do not quite grasp the teachings of Christ and what the story was about. In the parables, was that not the same expectations of the Jews that wanted to become free of Caesar. We are at a similar time today with our government, some of us are so accustomed to this way of living, we don't even realize it bothers us and goes against our morals. Just look at taxes, harder we work the more we pay or the expense of healthcare and mandated procedures. Is anybody really happy with the way our system operates? The more we become conscious the more we become of what compromises us. We want to withdrawal further away from society and it's propaganda "rules." We want only to make choices that feel healthy for us and bring us peace. Everything becomes simple in the mind. I think to myself today why would I eat processed food or wear products with harmful, toxic ingredients linked to many health conditions, including cancer. I know it's not good for me so I do not use it. For the wages of ignorance which is sin is death because the more we put judgement on the body through poor choices, the body declines and sickens. I choose no longer to watch horror movies or pornography for what is the purpose of exposing myself to filth or watching videos of people brutally murdered. This is a mind when it starts to become conscious and connected to ‘The Christ.’ Christ is state of consciousness.

If we had a Messiah show up today, do you think a person of Christ consciousness would condemn people to Hell? No, he would do no such thing. He would do absolutely nothing regarding any destruction in the world. He would walk among us in peace, with compassion for all, not attaching to this matter world. A person of Christ could walk through an apocalyptic nightmare, with fire in the streets still with compassion for humanity. That was the real teaching of Jesus, to free your mind of the bondage from which it holds to. Every one of us has the ability to take in The Christ. Dogmatic religion has us looking on the outside, rather than within. The real Christ is within every single of us and we all have the ability to obtain it given our free will. Once we connect to and feel the Love of Christ, we desire more to stay in that state of being. I've come to understand that Christ is not a way of thought, it's a way of feeling. I contemplated a lot over how can Christ heal people. I have struggled myself with many health issues my mind chains itself to everyday. I feel I must use my mind constantly to solve these errors. Yet if I believe there is an error within myself, I am already separating myself from God. God would not see any imperfections or disease. This made no sense to me since I still was physically feeling the dis-ease and dis-order. I even took blame that it was my fault because I was attaching myself so much mentally to this problem as if I was creating it. Yet blame does not feel good on the Spirit either. After practicing more meditation, I came in contact with a feeling, almost as if my whole body was vibrating. I felt lifted as if I was floating and all I could feel was the Light/Love pouring through me. That is ‘The Christ.’ Then I realized wait, Christ does heal because when I am in this state of consciousness nothing else exists. I am not focused on my pain or am worried about my symptoms or anything else in the world. I am connected to the Oneness, the Truth, God. That is it, that is the way! It is practicing and being in the Christ Consciousness as much as possible to not take any thought attaching to this world and feel ourselves in the realm of unconditional love.

This can be hard to understand for people who have never felt this. There are many people with spiritual backgrounds or in religion that have still never had this experience to truly understand it. Since most of us never felt it, most of us don't know we even want it. True 'feelers,' I will say rather than believers, you can feel the energy pouring out of them as they talk about it, some may even start to cry. That is what I had to practice more going into meditation, not to take thought and try to control thought, just let them pass by and just focus on the present feeling. The feeling of being connection and harmony with the All. I center all of my energy to my heart, within and without. The sacred heart is where we must choose to always speak, think and feel from. How can that exist when you are attaching to this world or feeling you must change the direction of events and what is happening here. That energy stems from a place of pride, resentment and anger, there is no compassion, acceptance or surrender in that. When you can be in the still where you will find God exists and center the energy to the heart, it can feel as though there is a gold light being poured within and without from the Creator, Himself. Love exists, everything else is just an illusion, a manifestation that stems from Fear. There is only one truth which is Love, which is God.

This can be such a hard concept and it was for me for so long because the way we interact everything is mental, it contradicts how we think we must be functioning. We have to give it All to God. When we are apart of the Oneness, there is no such thing as separation that we create an illusion from. I don't have to think what do I need to do next or how can I afford this or take on a belief I am living in poverty or illness. I just know to stay connected to the Christ 'feeling' where I can feel no such thing. God has already given me and you, all of us the world. Being interconnected I have a constant spiritual supply, everything I need will be met, everything am meant to accomplish, will be done. Can you imagine a world if we all gave up thought? I think most of us think the world would go up in flames yet on the contrary. We take on thought so much for ourselves and even others, it's ridiculous. So many people today trying to 'change the world,' an exercise of trying to change everybody's minds into their own. That is a lot of responsibility to take on. We think nothing will change or be accomplished if we don't work to spread our beliefs on everybody else, meanwhile it's created so much anger and hostility. So now imagine if everyone gave up thought. We all decided stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and only worry about our state of consciousness, connecting to The Christ. If we were all operating in that state of Being we would just be better people. We don't need a Messiah to come here and save us. We are not to living in a fairy tale or comic strip waiting on a hero to save the day which is all those stories ever supplied us. Just focus on yourself and feeling the Christ, being the best you that you can be. Try to practice every day that you naturally become accustomed to it, being in the Now. When there is a problem or argument, step away and rather go into your mental mind to try to configure how to solve it, just reconnect to centering all of your energy in the heart. That feeling is greater than whatever illusion the world is giving you and others will feel it in you too. Love is the reconciling medium that cancels everything else out.

This plane we are living on is the furthest from the Infinite to a more Finite form so it creates the illusion of matter and that God may not exist. We are Infinite light bodies wearing a garment that trick us into thinking we are nothing but matter, matter which in the end dies and faces no judgement. Even death is an illusion. Everybody’s journey here is to find their way back to God, it is an absolute condition of the soul. A lot of people turn their back on God because we like to blame God for our trials and tribulations. As if God is testing us yet it is not God that tests us, it is we who test ourselves. God would never test you, God honors your Free Will and has no will or motive but to be in the frequency state of Love. Do not fall victim to these tricks and false idols. Our mainstream media is always pushing the agenda of playing God, to live for your ego and material possessions, the dream to be famous, be the best and live above the rest. Take away the flesh and we are all of the same. Just as race, gender, politics and all these subcategories is only an illusion to divide us, none of this actually exists. Everything on this plane of existence is designed for you to turn your back on God and it is a fight for the soul. They want you to feel you can do whatever you want without any consequence. Dogma has truly destroyed the teachings of Christ, where God has no wrath to put on you, you put wrath upon you within karmic law. Everything must be transmuted from the heart. Can you forgive and put our compassion for all, including yourself? How about for the people who have different views, do not support your beliefs or have caused pain in your life? Only you will remain sick with a heart full of resentment. Can you trust that people are carrying their own pain which is why they act out as they do? Even people who blindly follow a system for ‘they know not what they do,’ they still do it because they feel it’s what is best for others. Let them be, you are not responsible for their journey in this and must honor everyone’s path. Taking it on will only make you unwell, how does it feel to be angry all the time of worldly issues you cannot control? Your focus everyday should remain only on your state of consciousness. The energy will translate to others as you feel God within yourself, others will feel it in you and know in return they are One with the Creator as well. It is a feeling, not a way of thinking that needs to be connected to. This is the way to a better world. If everyone only focused on their state of consciousness and living from the heart, we would all just be better people on this planet and the real healing can take place in the world. Life is a constant game of trust, surrender and faith. That act alone can provide you a life beyond what you ever could have imagined for yourself. When we have expectations and feel we know what the end result must be or is best for us, we create limitations in the mind. This is what builds this matrix system of which we are living in. We cannot know everything and what is best for ourselves, why create a limit. Even when things go terribly wrong, think of it as nothing more than an initiation to get closer to God. When there is nothing else you can do to change it, what is the point of staying miserable, depressed or angry, how does that serve you or anyone good. Whether you believe it or not, know that something better is always around the corner and this is all happening for your highest good. There is no better way to ‘choose’ to exist in it.

Do not attach to this matter world, know that you are Infinite. Let go of worldly problems it is all an illusion to keep you trapped and unwell. The kingdom of Heaven is within you. Despite everything going on you can still create Heaven on Earth. The more you let go, surrender and act in the Christ, you will find it here within yourself. Do not wait upon a savior and save yourself. Let Jesus be a nonphysical vehicle of redemption for you. Speak to the Light your Truth, ask for forgiveness, free yourself from these chains and know that no matter what you are Loved. That’s all God wants is for you to love yourself. He is not waiting to put wrath on you like in these dogma ideals. We put wrath upon ourselves. And that is okay, we are meant to mess up so we can cultivate this practice of surrender, truth, acceptance and faith. We all came here to learn and if we were already perfect, we would not exist in this fleshly garment. Be One with The Christ, be One with Love, connected to the All where error does not exist.

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