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The Pattern of Love

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The Pattern of Love

By Leah Mary Quirk, Soul Natural Alchemy

Every human being on this planet wants to love. I don’t care who you are or how much you want to deny it, we all yearn to love and be loved. Even people who oppose this come from of place of being hurt and denied love in the past. Some of us are so broken by this we are afraid to love again yet deep within our core, we all want love. As human beings we are meant to connect with each other. The true goal on Earth is for us all to harmonize to one frequency. To raise the vibration of our planet to a higher realm of consciousness as One united force. When you take psychedelics you see everything as geometry, every living breathing organism has a pattern. You can visually see this and how everything works together as a Whole. Notice the grass when the breeze brushes against it, each blade grass responds to this like a domino effect. Same as a drop of water that ripples out and creates a current. We can feel connected to this energy and One with Universe through meditation and mindfulness yet realistically we are disconnected from this pattern. We are not surrounded by a million blades of grass or water molecules to coincide with. We are separate enclosed in a material shell. We want to be able to feel not within our shell but through our ether bodies and harmonize with every other organism here. Yet what we really want is to with our own kind.

What makes us different from every other organism on this planet is having free will. This inclines us to operating off our emotions which can have us making poor decisions and separating ourselves from the pattern. We are the only species here that have that option within us. If you have a pet dog, you see how the dog is reliant on loving its owner, as if it is encoded in their DNA to love. The dog does not think well, you took me from my parents at birth so I resent you. Animals do not have those thoughts based off emotions, it just knows directly to love and needs to feel that. We came here to Earth to experience this separation program. To find our way back to God but not just God alone but to share the love of the Creator with other human beings. How much more beautiful is life when we don’t just get to experience this energy but share it with another.

Our first quest is to love ourselves which can be the hardest task of all. Loving ourselves is essentially feeling the love of the Creator. When we can find it within God, we already love ourselves because we adapt ourselves to the love God has for us. When we view ourselves as a reflection of God, our negative traits, flaws, poor belief systems, sickness or any other ‘concepts’ do not exist. It is being present to a state where all you feel is the everlasting love through every pore and cell in your body. When you are connecting to being in a present state of ‘feeling’ this energy, nothing else exist outside of that, not even a single thought. This is the Christ Consciousness, which you can refer to for more understanding in my past writing on ‘Being One with the Christ.’ To give and receive Love, first we must learn to love and accept ourselves as God does for us. So many of us are seeking love when we don’t already have that relationship established on our own, which can transpire into codependent and toxic relationships, by seeking that validation through others. What we attract in life is always a mirror of ourselves. When we do not have this love for our self and low self-esteem, we harmonize with others who have the same issues. Then we see it reflected at us and we tend to point the finger, blame and disregard ourselves as a source of this energy. Many of us do not want to go within and come to the acknowledgement that maybe we are the problem, this person is just revealing it to us. It’s never really about the other person, it always comes back to you. Sometimes it’s down to what we allow from others in our lives. If somebody takes advantage of us, it usually comes down to us allowing it in the first place. Is it because we feel unworthy of having some one that treats us well, feeling we do not deserve love because we don’t love ourselves. These are the truths we have to dig deep in and peel back the layers of to our Divine Truth.

True love is unconditional just as the love we feel from the Creator. It takes work to not allow our egos to get in the way, to recenter all of our energy back to the sacred heart. Even in arguments, inside we know that’s not where we want to be so why do we fight it so much? If we all were operating from a place of compassion within the heart chakra, we would take the time to understand why our partner is hurting and vice versa. It is a shame for some of us to deceive ourselves and lie to our hearts. When we know we love someone but we will come up with as many excuses as possible to turn our backs on it. Although we desire love most of us when we have it in our faces don’t know what to do with it. It’s something we chase after our whole lives but when it shows up, we tend to self-sabotage. It brings all our fears to the surface. Love is actually very scary. We are so conditioned to heartbreak and pain, when real love shows up, we run away. Our ego fights against it and our fears, insecurities, false beliefs and trauma rise to the surface. Love as a frequency is the highest of All. When you come into a strong frequency like that, it tries to purge all the lower vibrations out of the Spirit. Our ego is like a material shell that we hide in and use to protect our fragile ether bodies. We feel safe in our ego, it can keep us from getting hurt but it can also keep us from experiencing the greatest feeling of all. So many of us put up walls for fear of getting hurt when inside we want to love more than anything in the world. All the fears and insecurities that come up are how we feel about ourselves. For example, fearing that somebody cannot accept you is really because you still don’t accept yourself. Love is trying to purge you of this energy, yet we still want to grip onto it because in our minds it keeps us safe. So, we self-sabotage pushing love away because we have a negative belief system of ourselves that we don’t want to see reflected back at us.

Love is really the only truth that exists. Everything else is an illusion from fear. It is not real to think you are not good enough or deserving of this power. Petty fighting and arguments is just a sign of not trusting the other person’s intentions for you. There is no reason to create problems that inside you do not want to have. Most of these concepts people argue over hold no true value especially in comparison to love. Actually, nothing compares or holds greater value than love, so why not diffuse the situation and ‘choose’ to love instead. These are all just concepts we make up in the mind to further separate ourselves from the pattern. Love with another is a complete act of trust and surrender to each other, just as we must first conquer with God. That takes a lot to break through with another person. To shed ourselves of our material bodies to be completely naked, to view each other in our ether bodies. This is very vulnerable because we must fully accept the other person for who they are which is what we are still seeking in ourselves. To even allow somebody to see you that way, that exposed, they are going to feel and know if you do not accept yourself. God does not judge you, God does not pose the risk of hurting you like another physical being can. To break through those walls with another person and be on the same page is a whole other conquest. We create so many illusions to push love away, so many walls and barriers, it’s pure madness. Yet it is a condition of the soul to find it and for the ego to die with another.

Jesus Christ has been associated with heart because the heart is what takes on the most beatings and suffering. Christ Jesus represents the redemption of the heart, where we learn to center all our energy and transmute it from a place of compassion. Imagine yourself in the state of meditation feeling yourself connected harmonized with the Divine. Now picture yourself in that same state of being but present with another person. To be able to share it with some one, existing on the same vibrational plane of a higher consciousness, submerged in the totality of the Divine Universe. Where two energies become One, where finally a pattern can be created. Just like the blades of grass that sway together and the droplets of water that are no longer separate molecules. We could create a whole ocean of this on this planet but it has to start first with ourselves and then the ability to connect to it with another. Then we create a current and the more people that reside in this energy will cohesively create a geometrical pattern that will drawn more energy in to further expand. This is what love does and we all want to be a part of this pattern.

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