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Don't sweat not being a chef, my recipes are simple and easy to customize. They can be altered according to season and your body's unique constitution. Switch it up with different produce, spices, herbs and oils. Read the notes for suggestions.

All recipes are Gluten Free.

Most of my recipes are vegetarian and can be adjusted for vegans.

Purchase food and products organic & NonGMO. Castile soap and baking soda are great for washing produce to remove pesticides. Make a habit out of reading the ingredients on labels. This brings awareness in what we are putting into our body. Taking care of our health is an act of good karma. It is an action of self care & love. 

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Green Smoothie Detox


Sweet Potato Hash


Steel Cut Oatmeal




Sauteed Veggie Noodles


Bone Broth


Rasayana Apple Porridge


Seedy Cabbage Tacos


Carrot, Kale, Beet Soup

Image by amirali mirhashemian

Vegan Fudge


Sweet Potato &

Chickpea Tacos


Roasted Parsnip & Cauliflower Soup


Rasayana Drink

Ayurveda Nutrition and Diet

I utilize Ayurveda Nutrition in my Recipes. Ayurveda acknowledges that we are individuals with a unique "constitution." We use this knowledge to regain balance in the body through diet and lifestyle. Ayurveda teaches us to eat to digest. Undigested food results in "Ama," toxicity. This then circulates through the body, blocks the channels and causes dis-ease. It is best to start the day with a warm, grounding breakfast and have lunch as the main meal. Dinners should be light such a soups and broths. It is important to think of the five elements when making food choices. Raw foods may be difficult for some to digest who do not have strong "Agni." Agni is our digestive fire. We must kindle our Agni properly to digest well. Ayurveda feeds the six tastes. Each taste nourishes an organ in the body. The herbs and spices help the body to digest and assimilate food. They fight off bacteria, fungus and parasites. Cooking food helps kill of any parasites from entering the body. Improper food combining may also lead to Ama. Fruit is best served by itself for it digests faster. Use fresh ingredients and take time cooking meals. This brings more "Prana" into our self. Prana is the vital energy life force. Cooking stimulates the process of digestion, smelling the spices creates salivation which contains enzymes to break down the food. Take time to sit with your meal and eat mindful. Give your food gratitude and ask that it nourish, harmonize and bring balance to the body and mind. Eat in Balance to Be in Balance.

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