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'Spiritual Alchemy is the process of transmuting our Ego self to a more enlightened state of Being. We take Disease to Ease and Disorder to Order. We transform our Darkness into Light. We shift pain into compassion and allow our struggles to guide us towards our Purpose.'

Everything is a manifestation. You are not limited to a disorder or diagnosis which is just a name for grouped symptoms. Physical and mental health issues do not appear out of thin air. Pharmaceutical drugs only silence symptoms while the issue continues to manifest. Many people today are looking for a cure but how is that possible without first identifying the cause? Western medicine lacks taking personal responsibility in health. We all live under the golden rule of cause and effect yet not many of us are conscious of the choices we are making daily. Our world has become very toxic and unnatural, we cannot trust everything being put on the shelves or marketed to us. It's up to us to start taking personal responsibility for our well being.

We should all desire a life of longevity, happiness and good health.

All you own is this world is your vessel and if you don't make that your number one priority,

how will you handle everything else you put before yourself?

I work by addressing both bodies, the physical and energetic body.

We want to cleanse our physical bodies of unprocessed food and toxins, while cleansing the ether body of unprocessed emotions and trauma.

Food must transform into nutrition and emotions into awareness.

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I am a Certified Ayurveda Practitioner and Shamanic Energy Healer. I have plenty of experience from own health battles and being disregarded by the medical system. I am here for the people that got no answers, left with no hope and abandoned by Western medicine. I have the knowledge, experience, awareness and compassion to help my clients have real results, putting their health back into their hands.

Ayurveda is the oldest healthcare system and knowledge originating from India, dating back over 3,000 years.

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It is estimated 80% of Americans

have intestinal worms.

Cancer, Auto-Immune Diseases, Digestive Disorders, Neurological Disorders and Mental Health Conditions can all be traced back to Parasites.

Techniques & Practices Used

* Ayurveda

* Herbs and Custom Made Formulas

* Natural Heath Conscious Products

* Nutrition with Proper Digestion

* Pranayama- Breathing Practices

* Mindful & Meditation Practices

* Heavy Metal Detoxification

* Parasite Cleanse

* Natural Detoxification Therapies

* Intuitive Guidance & Coaching

* Astrological Birth Chart Interpretation

* Soul Contract Readings

* Biochemistry/Cell Salts

* Marma Therapy

* Herbal Enemas

* Reiki/Shamanic Energy Work

* SEM Source Energy Medicine

* Psychic/Intuitive Gifts

* Ozone Therapy

The cause of most health issues in America starts with SAD (the Standard American Diet.) Many of us think we are eating healthy yet the food choices do not digest together. Ayurveda says the cause of all disease is undigested food which turns into 'ama,' a sticky morbid substance that clogs the channels in the body.

I second that and follow up with the addition of parasites. Parasites are the real silent epidemic and often overlooked in America. They bio-hack the body and mind turning us into hosts, living for the parasite. It is a big reason why people do not feel they can give up the foods that are causing their symptoms. They can cause extreme emotional sensitivity, mood swings and psychiatric conditions. Cysts and tumors in the body are often parasitic egg sacks. For clients that have a range of issues, especially diagnosed with an Auto-Immune conditions that doctors still cannot get to the root of, parasites are often the missing link.

Parasites can lay over 2 million eggs a day. They make home in your intestines, lungs, brain, liver, nerves, muscles and lymphatic system, which makes them hard to detect. Parasites are more evolved than any species on the planet and have learned to trick our immune system.

 I have a protocol that works effectively and custom to individuals. I work to get my clients first digesting and eliminating properly then to cleanse the body of toxins and parasites followed by replenishment and nourishment to the body.

 I do not treat symptoms or provide quick fix solutions. I work with diet, lifestyle, herbs and metaphysics to guide the body to a state of balance to heal naturally. Upon seeing me you are committed to making changes for yourself and practicing the art of self awareness. Making dietary and lifestyle changes should be viewed as an act of self care and love. I can give you the steps to get there but the journey is up to you! I promise you that there is no way around these issues, the only way is through. Be patient with yourself on this journey, as long as it takes an issues to manifest can be the length of time it takes to heal. That is why it's important you start now. Healing is possible but only when we allow it.


Leah Quirk

I find what is unique about me is that I come from a place of being able to say, "I understand." I have had my own personal struggles and have been left many times at the brick wall. I refused to settle and believe that's all there was. My journey into healing has come entirely from a place of listening to and trusting my intuition. That is what makes me good at what I do, my experience is personal and beyond the study of books, I lived it.


I am not a Licensed Medical Doctor. I am not claiming to diagnose, treat or any cure any disease or disorder.

I am not responsible for any adverse reactions. I am only providing suggestions which is within your own free will to apply or not. You are responsible for the choices you make and your own research.

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