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Spiritual Alchemy is the process of transmuting our negative self to a more positive state of Being. We take our darkness and turn it into light. We take disease to ease and disorder to order. Anger, resentment, depression and trauma shift into compassion. We allow our struggles to transform into purpose.

Everything is energy and everything has a frequency. By understanding this, we take a more conscious approach to our well being through the choices we make in our diet, lifestyle and thought patterns. I work by addressing both bodies, the physical and energetic body. We want to rid our physical body of toxins and keep our vessel pure by making healthier choices, that have more life to gift us. I offer energy work to release suppressed emotions and trauma stored in the body. Unprocessed emotions create false belief systems that sabotage our growth.

By committing to this process, which is the art of self awareness, we ascend beyond the limitations of our minds and into a higher plane of existence. When our frequency rises, our minds and hearts become more open to God.

When we are open to God and becoming One with the Divine Intelligence, we project balance, harmony, health and longevity in our lives. 


At whatever stage you are at in life, I can help guide you to a better state of Being. I am here to provide you the road map towards soul evolution. If you are battling disease, mental health, trauma or the struggle to understand and accept your path here, I will help you put the pieces together and find your strength towards healing and purpose.

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The Two Pillars

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The Physical Body

Holistic Health Consultations

Ayurveda Assessment

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The Energetic Body

Shamanic Energy Work

Birth Chart Interpretation

Astrology & Tarot Readings

Intuitive Guidance & Therapy

Become an Initiate of the Flame

For those who are dedicated to the path of Enlightenment, for the path is strait and narrow but not many will find it. For those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear. For the ones that wish to find the Kindgom of Heaven, within. For those who are willing to lift the veil of the subconscious. For those who view every struggle as an initiation to getting closer to God. To transmute all energy and center it within and without the Sacred Heart. 


Fire is a destroyer and creator.

For what is destroyed allows the space to create a new. The fire essence is a creative force fueled with passion and determination. We go in head first like the Ram destructing all obstacles in our path. We start by confronting and destructing old habits and belief systems that no long serve our highest good. 


Water collects, absorbs and unites as One.

The water essence connects us to our intuition and Spirit. We dive deep into our subsconcious to release all negative and suppressed emotions. Since our body is primarily made of water, we work to purify and harmonize our cells to one frequency. As the Pisces fish, we ressurect ourselves from the depths of the ocean, surfacing for a new breath of life.


Earth is a builder, grounded and stable.

The Earth essence builds concrete values, stability and connects us to nature. We understand we are already blessed with abundance in nature, consisting of everything we need to have material wealth. Like the Bull, we do not let anything knock us over and stand strong in our endurances while moving forward with grace and ease.


Air is mobile, adaptive and embodies change.

The Air essence takes actions toward our well being. We go with the wind, trusting where it will take us. We learn to adapt to change. We use the science of 'The Word' to manifest our reality, positivity and gratitude into our lives. As the twins of Gemini, we learn to cultivate balance between our duality.

Leah Quirk

I find what is unique about me is that I come from a place of being able to say, "I understand." I have had my own personal struggles and have been left many times at the brick wall. I refused to settle and believe that's all there was. My journey into healing has come entirely from a place of listening to and trusting my intuition. That is what makes me good at what I do, my experience is personal and beyond the study of books, I lived it.


I am not a Licensed Massage Therapist or a Medical Doctor. I am not claiming to diagnose, treat or any cure any disease or disorder.

 I do not treat symptoms or provide quick fix solutions. I work with diet, lifestyle, herbs and metaphysics to guide the body to a state of balance to heal naturally. Upon seeing me you are committed to making changes for youself. I am giving you the map putting your health back into your hands and responsibility.

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